Argenta Elektronik

Argenta Elektronik

Why it is a competitive advantage, to be not only better, but also faster.

High-tech applications require plug- and cable connections, which have to be multifunctional, reliable, rugged and powerful like never before. Argenta is specialized in this field of high-end products. This standard is also valid for the organization of the company: state-of-the-art technology is managing enterprise resource planning and logistics. This leads to more efficiency in a direct way.

The high availability of components and associated short reaction time is guaranteed. In the context of a long-term collaboration, Argenta makes arrangements for the requirements of their customers. This helps Argentas customers to strengthen their market position, which are able to keep their promises, because they can always trust in Argenta. To work in the high-end segment means for Argenta to demand a great deal of the own performance – and to meet this claim every day.

Our partners

Argenta is in a process of advancement and continuous expansion of its product range. Consecutively you find an abstract of our partner network.

  • Amphenol Spectra Strip

    This manufacturer of high-quality cable solutions offers ribbon cable, ultra high-speed and fiber optic cable as well as products for high temperature-, high-flex and halogen free applications. The latest product TapeLite is a new step for Amphenol Spectra-Strip into the market of fiber optic design and signal lighting.

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  • Cinch Connectors

    The reliable, high-quality standard products from Cinch are deployable in different sectors. The range goes from aerospace over defense to traffic and transportation. In addition to their standard products, Cinch develops customer-specific solutions and products for strategic partners in their target markets.

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  • Emca

    Emca was founded in January 1994 and is an EN 9100:2009 certified.

    The manufacturing and assembly facilities are located in Leingarten, Germany.

    The core business of EMCA is the development of project orientated and bespoke solutions.
    In close cooperation with Argenta-Elektronik, new and innovative solutions are constantly developed in support of a variety of applications, environments and performance requirements. Catalogues are available upon request.

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  • IEH Corporation

    Since 1941, IEH has been manufacturing superior products for demanding applications. Whether it’s printed circuit board connectors, signal or power contacts, or custom interconnects, IEH’s focus is delivering the right connector solution for your application. IEH connectors and contacts employ Hyperboloid contact technology, an advanced, proven interface designed specifically for the most stringent requirements and harshest environments.

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  • Martec

    Absolute precision, total quality and attention to detail are engineered into every part designed and manufactured by Martec, whether from the standard product range or bespoke solutions for specific requirements. Martec connectors and seals can be found in a wide variety of industries from military, marine and aerospace to medical and industrial applications.

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  • Nicomatic

    Nicomatic is specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of Micro-Connectors for “Board to Board”, “Board to Wire” and “Wire to Wire” interconnections. The target markets aerospace, defense, optoelectronics, medical engineering and industrial applications benefit from the proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions.

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  • Radiall

    RADIALL is a global manufacturer of leading-edge interconnect solutions. The company offers an extensive range of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, coaxial switches, fiber optic and microwave components, multipin connectors and more. Furthermore RADIALL provides MIL-C 5015 connectors for industrial and railway applications after the acquisition of the Italian company VAN-System.

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  • Smiths Connectors / Smiths Interconnect

    Smiths Connectors is a leading supplier of application-specific, high-reliability electrical interconnect solutions from highly integrated assemblies to microminiature connectors and spring probe contacts. Smiths Connectors is comprised of Hypertac and IDI brands, which are synonymous of exceptional performance when critical applications require a technologically advanced, high quality, multi-pin electrical connection to ensure reliability and safety.

    Smiths Connectors is an organization of the Smiths Interconnect Division. Smiths Interconnect is part of Smiths Group, a global leader in applying advanced technologies for markets in threat and contraband detection, energy, medical devices, communications and engineered components.

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    Longtime experience combined with extraordinary quality helped Souriau to become one of the market leaders for electrical and optical interconnection systems. Souriaus is active in the markets aerospace, industry, medical engineering, traffic and transportation as well as defence.

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  • TT Electronics

    AB Connectors is known as the market leader for development and manufacturing of harsh environment connectors. In these special fields – in marine applications or special vehicles – high performance and reliability are required.

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