Argenta Elektronik


Argenta develops not only simple system solutions, but individual customized solutions. The level of customer focus is essential. Argenta is totally prepared for the demands of the customers. It is Argentas target to build up a trustful collaboration that gives the assurance to the customers: Argenta will always find the best plug- and cable connection. The way to get the customized solution is bonded to a competent technical guidance. Argenta starts the conversation, listens to the customer needs and thinks ahead. If the demand is clearly defined, Argenta will explore the market to choose the appropriate component carefully and quality-conscious. Cable harnessing and connector assembly complete the portfolio if required. Proximity to customers and competence are the words that are associated with value added services at Argenta.

RMA Request

To ensure the correct operational sequence for goods to return, Argenta Elektronik introduced the RMA procedure. Here you have the opportunity to download and print out the PDF-form for the request of your RMA number. To ensure a correct and quickly processing please send the completed RMA-Form to our Fax-No. +49 (0)212 25813-33. After an close inspection your official in charge will give you a valid RMA-Number. Please mark the RMA-Number in a conspicuous position on the outside of the package and send back as carriage-free, otherwise the goods acceptance is not possible.


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