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Trim Trio UTS-Series Souriau-Sunbank

The industrial UTS plastic waterproof connector series with bayonet coupling and extreme sealing performances (Dynamic IP68/69K and sealed unmated) is available in 5 shell sizes and 30 insert arrangements.

Performance characteristics
Durability: 250 matings and unmatings
Vibration resistance: per CEI 60512-4
Thermal shock per MIL-STD 1344 method 1003
Insolation resistance: 5000 M Ohm min.
Test potential: 2000 VAC
Operating temperature: -40° C to + 105° C
Flammability rating: UL94-V0 and NFF16101 class 2
Extrem Sealing performances: Dynamic IP68/69K and sealed unmated (UTS Highseal version)
UV resistance: No color change or damage after 5 years under normal conditions
Salt spray resistance: up to 500 h
RoHS compliant, halogen free

body and backshell made of thermoplast

Contact accommodation
“UTS” connectors accept Trim-Trio crimptype removable snap-lock contacts in size # 16 and # 20 (see contacts section)
Available with crimp, handsolder, dipsolder, screw, Coax and LWL contacts (to be ordered separately).

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The flagship of Souriau’s industrial connectors!

Historically, TRIM TRIO® connectors originate from the 60’s under the Brandname “BURNDY” and are derived from MIL norms, but using size 16 contacts (1.6mm).
From the 60’s and forward, the product ranges have developed to various sub series and different design-variations.
In parallel with the size 16 contacts, there also has been an evolution on high density versions using size 20 contacts (1.0mm) and on mixed signal / power versions using size 16 contacts in combination with size 12 (2.4mm) and size 8 (3.6)mm contacts.

By end of the 90’s the companies BURNDY, the 1917 founded SOURIAU and some other companies were bought from Framatome Connectors International (FCI).
In the context of a management buy-out (MBO) and a rearrangement of the product ranges, today SOURIAU emerged after the turn of the millennium as an independent company. Since then the TRIM TRIO® connector series is one of SOURIAU, while other former BURNDY Products (cable lugs) remained in the range of the FCI.

Partnumbers (extract)

UTS0104P, UTS0104S, UTS010D6P, UTS010D6S, UTS010D7P, UTS010D7S, UTS010D98P, UTS010D98S, UTS010E6P, UTS010E6S, UTS010E7P, UTS010E7S, UTS010E98P, UTS010E98S, UTS0124P, UTS0128P, UTS0128S, UTS012D10P, UTS012D10S, UTS012D14P, UTS012D14S, UTS012D2P, UTS012D2S, UTS012D3P, UTS012D3S, UTS012D4P, UTS012D4S, UTS012D8P, UTS012D8S, UTS012E10P, UTS012E10S, UTS012E14P, UTS012E14S, UTS012E2P, UTS012E2S, UTS012E3P, UTS012E3S, UTS012E4P, UTS012E4S, UTS012E8P, UTS012E8S, UTS01412P, UTS01412S, UTS0147P, UTS014D12P, UTS014D12S, UTS014D15P, UTS014D15S, UTS014D18P, UTS014D18S, UTS014D5P, UTS014D5S, UTS014E12P, UTS014E12S, UTS014E15P, UTS014E15S, UTS014E18P, UTS014E18S, UTS014E19P, UTS014E19S, UTS014E5P, UTS014E5S, UTS014E7P, UTS014E7S, UTS01823P, UTS01823S, UTS08D2P, UTS08D2P, UTS08D2S, UTS08D2S, UTS08D33P, UTS08D33P, UTS08D33S, UTS08D33S, UTS08D3AP, UTS08D3AS, UTS08D3P, UTS08D3P, UTS08D3S, UTS08D3S, UTS08D4P, UTS08D4P, UTS08D4S, UTS08D4S, UTS08D98P, UTS08D98S, UTS08E2P, UTS08E2S, UTS08E33P, UTS08E33S, UTS08E3AP, UTS08E3AS, UTS08E3P, UTS08E3S, UTS08E4P, UTS08E4S, UTS08E98P, UTS08E98S, UTS1GJC104P, UTS1GJC128P, UTS1GJC1412P, UTS1GJC147P, UTS1GN104P, UTS1GN128P, UTS1GN1412P, UTS1GN147P, UTS1JC102W2P, UTS1JC102W2S, UTS1JC103P, UTS1JC103S, UTS1JC103W3P, UTS1JC103W3S, UTS1JC104P, UTS1JC104S, UTS1JC106P, UTS1JC106S, UTS1JC1210P, UTS1JC1210S, UTS1JC124P, UTS1JC124PSCR, UTS1JC124S, UTS1JC128P, UTS1JC128S, UTS1JC1412P, UTS1JC1412S, UTS1JC1419P, UTS1JC1419S, UTS1JC142G1P, UTS1JC142G1S, UTS1JC147P, UTS1JC147PSCR, UTS1JC147S, UTS1JC1823P, UTS1JC1823S, UTS1JC1832P, UTS1JC1832S, UTS6102W2P, UTS6102W2S, UTS6103P, UTS6103S, UTS6103W3P, UTS6103W3S, UTS6104P, UTS6104S, UTS6106P, UTS6106S, UTS610E6P, UTS610E6S, UTS610E7P, UTS610E7S, UTS610E98P, UTS610E98S, UTS61210P, UTS61210S, UTS6124P, UTS6124S, UTS6128P, UTS6128S, UTS612E10P, UTS612E10S, UTS612E14P, UTS612E14S, UTS612E2P, UTS612E2S, UTS612E3P, UTS612E3S, UTS612E4P, UTS612E4S, UTS612E8P, UTS612E8S, UTS61412P, UTS61412S, UTS61419P, UTS61419S, UTS6142G1P, UTS6142G1S, UTS6147P, UTS6147S, UTS614E12P, UTS614E12S, UTS614E15P, UTS614E15S, UTS614E18P, UTS614E18S, UTS614E19P, UTS614E19S, UTS614E5P, UTS614E5S, UTS61823P, UTS61823S, UTS61832P, UTS61832S, UTS6183G1P, UTS68E2P, UTS68E2S, UTS68E33P, UTS68E33S, UTS68E3AP, UTS68E3AS, UTS68E3P, UTS68E3S, UTS68E4P, UTS68E4S, UTS68E98P, UTS68E98S, UTS6GJC104S, UTS6GJC128S, UTS6GJC1412S, UTS6GJC147S, UTS6GN104S, UTS6GN128S, UTS6GN1412S, UTS6GN147S, UTS6JC102W2P, UTS6JC102W2S, UTS6JC103P, UTS6JC103S, UTS6JC103W3P, UTS6JC103W3S, UTS6JC104P, UTS6JC104S, UTS6JC106P, UTS6JC106S, UTS6JC10E6P, UTS6JC10E6S, UTS6JC10E7P, UTS6JC10E7S, UTS6JC10E98P, UTS6JC10E98S, UTS6JC1210P, UTS6JC1210S, UTS6JC124P, UTS6JC124PSCR, UTS6JC124S, UTS6JC124SSCR, UTS6JC128P, UTS6JC128S, UTS6JC12E10P, UTS6JC12E10S, UTS6JC12E14P, UTS6JC12E14S, UTS6JC12E2P, UTS6JC12E2S, UTS6JC12E3P, UTS6JC12E3S, UTS6JC12E4P, UTS6JC12E4S, UTS6JC12E8P, UTS6JC12E8S, UTS6JC1412P, UTS6JC1412S, UTS6JC1419P, UTS6JC1419S, UTS6JC142G1P, UTS6JC142G1S, UTS6JC147P, UTS6JC147PSCR, UTS6JC147S, UTS6JC147SSCR, UTS6JC14E12P, UTS6JC14E12S, UTS6JC14E15P, UTS6JC14E15S, UTS6JC14E18P, UTS6JC14E18S, UTS6JC14E19P, UTS6JC14E19S, UTS6JC14E5P, UTS6JC14E5S, UTS6JC14E7P, UTS6JC14E7S, UTS6JC1823P, UTS6JC1823S, UTS6JC1832P, UTS6JC1832S, UTS6JC183G1P, UTS6JC8E2P, UTS6JC8E2S, UTS6JC8E33P, UTS6JC8E33S, UTS6JC8E3AP, UTS6JC8E3AS, UTS6JC8E3P, UTS6JC8E3S, UTS6JC8E4P, UTS6JC8E4S, UTS6JC8E98P, UTS6JC8E98S, UTS7102W2P, UTS7102W2S, UTS7103P, UTS7103S, UTS7103W3P, UTS7103W3S, UTS7104P, UTS7104S, UTS7106P, UTS7106S, UTS710D6P, UTS710D6P32, UTS710D6S, UTS710D6S32, UTS710D7P, UTS710D7P32, UTS710D7S, UTS710D7S32, UTS710D98P, UTS710D98P32, UTS710D98S, UTS710D98S32, UTS710E6P, UTS710E6S, UTS710E7P, UTS710E7S, UTS710E98P, UTS710E98S, UTS71210P, UTS71210S, UTS7124P, UTS7124PSCR, UTS7124S, UTS7124SSCR, UTS7128P, UTS7128PSEK9, UTS7128S, UTS712CCRG, UTS712CCRR, UTS712CCRY, UTS712D10P, UTS712D10P32, UTS712D10S, UTS712D10S32, UTS712D14P, UTS712D14P32, UTS712D14S, UTS712D14S32, UTS712D2P, UTS712D2P32, UTS712D2S, UTS712D2S32, UTS712D3P, UTS712D3P32, UTS712D3S, UTS712D3S32, UTS712D4P, UTS712D4P32, UTS712D4S, UTS712D4S32, UTS712D8P, UTS712D8P32, UTS712D8S, UTS712D8S32, UTS712E10P, UTS712E10S, UTS712E14P, UTS712E14S, UTS712E2P, UTS712E2S, UTS712E3P, UTS712E3S, UTS712E4P, UTS712E4S, UTS712E8P, UTS712E8S, UTS71412P, UTS71412S, UTS71419P, UTS71419S, UTS7142G1P, UTS7142G1S, UTS7142G1SNPT, UTS7147P, UTS7147PSCR, UTS7147PSEK9, UTS7147S, UTS7147SSCR, UTS714D12P, UTS714D12P32, UTS714D12S, UTS714D12S32, UTS714D15P, UTS714D15P32, UTS714D15S, UTS714D15S32, UTS714D18P, UTS714D18P32, UTS714D18S, UTS714D18S32, UTS714D19P, UTS714D19P32, UTS714D19S, UTS714D19S32, UTS714D5P, UTS714D5P32, UTS714D5S, UTS714D5S32, UTS714E12P, UTS714E12S, UTS714E15P, UTS714E15S, UTS714E18P, UTS714E18S, UTS714E19P, UTS714E19S, UTS714E5P, UTS714E5S, UTS714E7P, UTS714E7S, UTS71823P, UTS71823S, UTS71832P, UTS71832S, UTS7183G1SNPT, UTS78D2P, UTS78D2P32, UTS78D2S, UTS78D2S32, UTS78D33P, UTS78D33P32, UTS78D33S, UTS78D33S32, UTS78D3AP, UTS78D3AP32, UTS78D3AS, UTS78D3AS32, UTS78D3P, UTS78D3P32, UTS78D3S, UTS78D3S32, UTS78D4P, UTS78D4P32, UTS78D4S, UTS78D4S32, UTS78D98P, UTS78D98P32, UTS78D98S, UTS78D98S32, UTS78E2P, UTS78E2S, UTS78E33P, UTS78E33S, UTS78E3AP, UTS78E3AS, UTS78E3P, UTS78E3S, UTS78E4P, UTS78E4S, UTS78E98P, UTS78E98S, UTS7GJC104P, UTS7GJC128P, UTS7GJC1412P, UTS7GJC147P, UTS7GN104P, UTS7GN128P, UTS7GN1412P, UTS7GN147P

85005585A, 85005586A, 85005587A, 85005588A, 85005590A, 85005594, 85005595, 85005596, 85005597, 85005599, UT610CCRG, UT610CCRR, UT610CCRY, UT612CCRG, UT612CCRR, UT612CCRY, UT614CCRG, UT614CCRR, UT614CCRY, UTFD11B, UTFD12B, UTFD13B, UTFD14B, UTFD16B, UTS10DCG, UTS10DCGE, UTS10DCGR, UTS12DCG, UTS12DCGE, UTS12DCGR, UTS14DCG, UTS14DCGE, UTS14DCGR, UTS18DCG, UTS18DCGE, UTS18DCGR, UTS610DCG, UTS612DCG, UTS614DCG, UTS618DCG, UTS68C, UTS710CCRG, UTS710CCRR, UTS710CCRY, UTS712CCRG, UTS712CCRR, UTS712CCRY, UTS714CCRG, UTS714CCRR, UTS714CCRY, UTS8DCG, UTS8DCGE, UTS8DCGR,

82911456K, 82911457NK, 82911458K, 82911459NK, 82911460K, 82911461NK, 82911462K, 82911463NK, 82911464K, 82911465NK, 82911466K, 82911467NK, 82913600A, 82913601A, 82913602A, 82913603A, 82913604A, 82913605A, 82913606A, 82913607A, 82913608A, 82913609A, RC14M30GE7K, RC14M30K, RC14M50GE7K, RC14M50K, RC16M23GE7K, RC16M23K, RC18W3K, RC20M12E83K, RC20M12E84K, RC20M12E8K, RC20M12GE7K, RC20M12K, RC20M13GE7K, RC20M13K, RC20W3K, RC24M9GE7K, RC24M9K, RC24W3K, RC28M1GE7K, RC28M1K, RCDX6016D28, RCDX6019D28, RCDX6024D28, RCDX6026D28, RCDX602D28, RCDX6032D28, RCDX6036D28, RCDX6052D28, RCDXK1D28, RCPOF1000B, RCW5016K, RCW50A7K, RM14M30GE1K, RM14M30K, RM14M50GE1K, RM14M50K, RM16M23GE1K, RM16M23K, RM18W3K, RM20M12E83K, RM20M12E8K, RM20M12GE1k, RM20M12K, RM20M13GE1k, RM20M13K, RM20W3K, RM24M9GE1k, RM24M9K, RM24W3K, RM28M1GE1k, RM28M1K, RMDX6019D28, RMDX6024D28, RMDX6026D28, RMDX602D28, RMDX6031D28, RMDX6032D28, RMDX6036D28, RMDX6050D28, RMDXK10D28, RMPOF1000, RMW5016K, RMW50A7K, SC14M1TK6, SC14ML1TK6, SC16M11TK6, SC16M1TK6, SC16ML11TK6, SC16ML1TK6, SC20M1TK6, SC20ML1TK6, SC20W3TK6, SC20WL3TK6, SC24M1TK6, SC24ML1TK6, SC24W3TK6, SC24WL3TK6, SM14M1TK6, SM14ML1TK6, SM16M11TK6, SM16M1TK6, SM16ML11TK6, SM16ML1TK6, SM20M1TK6, SM20ML1TK6, SM20W3TK6, SM20WL3TK6, SM24M1TK6, SM24ML1TK6, SM24W3TK6, SM24WL3TK6, Tooling, 51060210924, 51060210936, M10S1J, M10SG8, M317, MH860, MH86164G, MH86186, RX2025GE1, RX20D44, S16RCM14, S16RCM1450, S16RCM16, S16SCM20, S16SCML1, S16SCML11, S20RCM, S16SCM20, S20SCM20, S221, S23D2, S80, S82, S83, S87, S88, SHANDLES, SL105, SL46D2, SL471, UH25, VGE10077A, VGE10078A

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