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EMCA Product-News

New Conductive Gaskets for Jam Nut Receptacle-Connectors by EMCA
Using conductive gaskets instead of non-conductive o-rings for the connectors, the contact/transition resistance to the mounting panel, can be reduced to a minimum.
The conductive material was tested successfully , with the VG 96940-06 qualification. Conductive gaskets are available for all connector series. Data sheets of the products are available for our customers upon request.

New Backshells and Accessories for Circular Connectors according to MIL- and VG-Specifications by EMCA
The new EMCA Hybrid- Surface Finish is ROHS-and REACH-compatible. It was developed as an alternative for Cd-olive drab-, ZnNi-, ZnCo-, Ni-PTFE- and Ni- finishes. It is intermatable with those and other finishes of the corresponding connectors, without interfering their features.

Goodbye – Surface Finish Variety
Goodbye – Cadmium and Chromium VI

The Shielding effectiveness- and salt spray resistance- have been tested successfully and the items are approved by VG 95319-1011.
Our Hybrid-Surface Finish is available for backshells and accessories of all series.

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