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Expanded Beam Fiber Optics CINCH Connectors

Under the name EBOSA (Expanded Beam Optical Sub-Assembly ) Cinch summarizes its solutions in the field of fiber optic technology according to MIL-DTL-29504 and ARINC 801 and provides various field-assembled products for high-end applications in harsh environments. The originally from Gigacom developed lenses contacts for single and multimode fibers allow low attenuation losses below 1 dB. The patented precision contacts are available for connectors according to MIL -DTL- 83526, MIL -DTL -38999 Series III, EN 4644, D-Sub as well as Micro-D connectors according to MIL -DTL- 83513. Other variations are hermaphroditic fiber optic connectors from Fibreco specified by MIL-DTL-83526, MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and breakaway connectors, which are extremely easy to clean due to the use of lens contacts and so minimize the maintenance effort. Also a field splice kit is available for easy repairs in the field.

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