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Souriau MIL-/Aero Rectangular Connectors Eaton

In the MIL / Aero rectangular connectors offers Eaton among other modular configurable Rack & Panel connectors (ARINC600), high-density variations (high density) connectors for low insertion and extraction forces and a wide range of contacts and layouts, such as signal, power, and Elio high-speed contacts for network and bus systems (coax, Triax, Quadrax, Twinax).

According to MIL-C-83527 engineered connectors (S700 Series Rack and Panel interface for military applications, otherwise comparable to ARINC600) offer a high contact density of up to 800 signal contacts.

D-sub connector with crimp contacts per MIL-C-24308 standard are available, as are hermetically sealed D-Sub connectors. Even non-magnetic (non-magnetic) D-sub connector according ESA/SCC3401 Space Grade, lightweight hermetic Micro-D connectors with aluminum housing and copper contacts as well as nano-D connectors are part of the broad Eaton delivery range.

Partnumbers (extract)

SB600 (ARINC 600)
SB603FG13W2S0001AA SB603MG13W2P0001AA SB611FG05W2S0000AN SB611FH05W2S0001EN SB611FH05W2S0001ZI SB611MG05W2P0000AN SB611MG05W2P0001 SB611MG05W2P0001AN SB611MG05W2P0010 SB612FHTNW2S0012EN SB612MG13W2P0001AN SB613FH1303S0001EN SB613FH13W2S0001EN SB613FJSPF243 SB613MG13W2P0001AN

D-Sub (MIL-C-24308)
86354100 86359100 86553113 86553114 863006A 863009P 863009PL 863009S 863009SL 863009SLT 863015PL 863015SL 863025P 863025PL 863025SL 863037S 863050PL 863050SL 863515P 863515PL 863515S011NMB 863515S012 863515SL 863526P 863544P 863544PL 863544S017 863544SL 863562P 863562PL 863562SL 863578PL 863578SL 8635F26S 8635F26SLZ 8635F44S 8635F78P012L 8635F78S012L D09P23A6GX00 DA8949001NMJ DA8949102E1NMJ DAM11W1P400N DAM15P300 DAM15P500 DAM15S DAM15S052 DAM15S300N DAM15S752 DAM7W2P1A2N DAM7W2P500CN DAM7W2PN DAM7W2S DAM7W2S500CN DAMF11W1SN DAMF15S DAP15P031TX DAP15PT DAP15S300 DAP15S400T DAP15ST DB13W3PA00 DB13W3SA00 DB8949001NMJ DB8949102F1NMJ DBM17W2SN DBM21W1PN DBM25P DBM25P300 DBM25P500 DBM25P500C DBM25P752 DBM25S DBM25S011NMB DBM25S252 DBM25S300 DBM5W5P DBM5W5S DBMF17W2PN DBMF25P DBMF25S DBP25P043T DBP25P400TX DBP25S400T DBP25S531T DBP25ST DC8949001NMJ DC8949102F1NMJ DCM21WA4P1 DCM21WA4P500NM DCM21WA4S1 DCM27W2P1 DCM27W2P500 DCM27W2S1 DCM37P DCM37P032N DCM37P043 DCM37P300 DCM37P332 DCM37S011NMB DCP37S043T DCP37S500MT DD50P DD50SV DD8949001NMJ DD8949102H1NMJ DDM36W4PN DDM36W4SN DDM50P500 DDM50P500C DDM50S011NMB DDM50S300 DE8949001NMJ DE8949102K1NMJ DEM09P DEM09P052 DEM09S DEM09S011NMB DEM09S052 DEM5W1P DEM5W1SN DEMA9STF0 DEMF09S DEP09P400TX DEP09S DEP09S331T DEP09S443T DEP09S500MT M2430812F M2430813F M2430814F M2430823 M24308231F M24308233F M24308234F M24308259F M2430832F SEMA09PLN

D-Sub (SpaceGrade/ESA)
340100101BDBMY13W3PN 340100101BDBMY13W3SN 340100101BDCM37PNMB 340100101BDCM37PNMB1 340100101BDCM37SNMB 340100101BDDM50PNMB 340100101BDDM50SNMB 340100101BDDM50SNMB1 340100201BDAMA15PNMB 340100201BDAMA15SNMB 340100202BDAMA26PNMB 340100202BDAMA26SNMB 340100202BDDMA78PNMB 340100202BDEMA15PNMB 340100202BDEMA15SNMB 340102001BDABMA15PSN 340102002BDBBMA44PS 340102002BDEBMA15PSN 340102201BNMB 340102206BNMB 340102248B

D-Sub (Hermetic)
DAH15P102 DBH25P005 DBH25P010 DBH25P102 DDH50P107 DEH09P002 DEH09P005 DEH09P107

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