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Souriau Trim Trio MBG Series Eaton

Plastic connectors with quick mating feature:
The MBG (Bantamate II) cylindrical plastic connector has been designed for use in applications requiring a high number of mating cycles and rapid connections and disconnections.

Bantamate II meets minimum durability requirements of 5000 mating/unmating cycles by using a unique contact wiping system consisting of a lubricant saturated foam pad bonded to a spring loaded stripper plate within the receptacle or plug. On mating, the stripper plate is pushed deep into the connector wiping a thin film of lubricant onto the male contacts. A distinctive shape provides mating ease in blind or difficult to reach applications.

Some typical applications would include test equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, or any of the hardware interconnections found in the modern electronic office.

Performance characteristics
Durability: 5000 matings and unmatings guaranteed
Vibration resistance: 5-50Hz, 0,5 dA; per axis, 8 hours
Insolation resistance: 5000 M Ohm min.
Test potential: 2000 VAC
Operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C
Flammability rating: UL94-V0
Available layouts: 4, 12, 19, 30 and 46 ways
UL Registration number: E238675
CSA certificated: LR54977


  • Connector body and strain relief: Glass filled thermoplast UL94-V0, color black
  • Locking latch and hook: stainless steel , passivated
  • Compression spring: Music wire, Nickel plated
  • Lubricating pad: Polyurethane foam
  • Rivet: Brass, tin plated
  • Strain relief screws: steel, cadmium plated

Contact accommodation
MBG connectors accept Trim-Trio crimptype removable snap-lock contacts in size #16 (to be ordered separately)

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The flagship of Eaton’s industrial connectors!

TRIM TRIO® connectors were originally sold under the brand name “BURNDY”. These were derived from MIL standards, but size 16 (1.6mm) contacts were used.
Later, various sub-series and design-variants were developed from the product ranges.
In parallel with the size 16 contacts, there also has been an evolution on high density versions using size 20 contacts (1.0mm) and on mixed signal / power versions using size 16 contacts in combination with size 12 (2.4mm) and size 8 (3.6)mm contacts.

After the companies BURNDY, Eaton and other companies were bought from Framatome Connectors International (FCI), a few years later the present Eaton was again established as an independent company in the context of a management buy-out (MBO) and a reorganization of the product ranges. Since then, the TRIM TRIO® connector series has belonged to Eaton, whereas other former BURNDY products (including cable lugs) have remained in the FCI range and are now integrated into the Hubbell group of companies.


Partnumbers (extract)

MBG12P1, MBG12R1, MBG12R11, MBG12S1, MBG19P1, MBG19R1, MBG19R11, MBG19S1, MBG30P11, MBG30R1, MBG30R11, MBG30S1, MBG46P1, MBG46R1

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