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Backshells and Accessories EMCA Electro-Mechanic

EMCA ELEKTROMECHANISCHE BAUTEILE GMBH was founded in January 1994 and is an EN 9100:2009 certified and VG-production surveilled Manufacturer of:
• Cable Adapters and Backshells
• Front and End Protective Caps
• Dummy Receptacles and Stowage Connector Shells
• Gaskets

for connectors meeting the requirements of MIL- and VG-Specifications in addition to:
• Electronic Housings
• Tools

Application fields:
• Military
• Rail and Mass Transit
• Industrial (heavy duty)
• Marine
• Aerospace

The manufacturing and assembly facilities are located in Leingarten, Germany.

The core business of EMCA is the development of project orientated and bespoke solutions.
In close cooperation with Argenta-Elektronik, new and innovative solutions are constantly developed in support of a variety of applications, environments and performance requirements.

Catalogues are available upon request.

Partnumbers (extract)

A19277U61 A199390X9ARG A38521063 A38521065 A39089063 A39089C65 A39120051 A39120052 A39120055 A39438063 A39438065 A39569063 A39569065 A39934054 A39934064 A39936095 A39994061 A39994062 A39994063 A39994064 A39994065 A39994068 A59300L64 A59779052 A59779053 A59779054 A59819051 A59819056 A59827061 A59935057ARG A59935058ARG A59935061 A59995057ARG A59995058ARG AE018286 AE018287 C19418063 C19418064 C19565061 C19565063 C19565064 C19566063 C19566064 C28850067 C38826063 C39645061 C39645062 C39645063 C39645064 C39645065 C39645066 C39647013 C39725061 C39725062 C39725064 C39725065 C39725066 C39726062 C39726063 C39726065 C39726066 C59564061 C59565061 C59566061 C59685061 F194502A8 F19450801 F294502A8 F39450202 F39450203 F39450204 F39450205 F39450207 F39450208 F39450803 F39450804 F39450805 F39450806 F39450807 F39450808 VG95328Z1C8 VG95328Z2A10 VG95328Z2A16 VG96912F8 VG96912V216A W38901003 W99020000 W9924801A W9924801B W9924801D W9924801E W9924801F W9924801G W9924801R W9924801S W9924801T W99472001

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