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Everybody offers the standard – It’s the special things that make the difference

Argenta offers a wide range of connectors, contacts, cables, backshells, tools and accessories. Here you will find everything you need for your daily business. Really everything? To be honest, even we simply can not offer everything. But we offer you a very special service instead: Our uncompromising bespoke solutions. Today more and more people are looking for special connectors for explicit problems. And that’s where our natural talent for innovation comes into play. After analyzing the problem, we start developing individual solutions: Tailor-made to meet your requirements and customer-specifically aligned.

No matter if it’s about special connectors or special contacts, in small quantities or mass-produced – enjoy our full support from the first idea until maturity phase. Designed and produced in Germany, right here in Solingen. Our service for you: design, development and production of bespoke solutions – even in small quantities always at market driven prices. We listen and help where big and famous manufacturers are simply not interested. And that’s something you can count on.

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Argenta stands for flexibility and exclusiveness. Special-purpose solutions in small seriesor small quantities are available as high-end add-on to our range. Here we areindividually meeting our customers desires and requirements. No matter if it’s about preproductionor development of new products – we offer uncompromising special-purposesolutions, customer-specifically crafted, designed and produced in Germany.Our possibilities are countless because the Argenta range includes circular connectors,modular connectors, special contact technology, electrical assemblies and cableassembly of all kinds. If desired, we develop your very own connector, perfectlymeeting your requirements, branded with your company logo (private labeling). Sincewe are able to produce a cost-efficient sample in our 3D-printer on-site, we can promptlypresent a finished prototype during the development process.In case one of your components is not available anymore after years of usage, we alsooffer replicas of discontinued components (end-of-life-service). This is especiallyinteresting when a component is no longer available in the market in its form.Since for us customer support is of extreme importance, streamlined development andproduction methods as well as short response times are natural to us – which isappreciated by our customers.

We offer local support in german language from the firstidea to maturity phase and even produce small quantities at market driven prices – atfull cost transparency, of course. Problem analysis of customer-specific inquiries is ourstrength and enables us to come up with innovative and individual solutions that areperfectly fitting your requirements. We maintain close collaboration during the completeprocess of the development. Our expertise also lies in adjusting and modifying currentsolutions. For this purpose, it doesn’t matter if your requirements are in the area of highpressure or high temperature, if you want to build up modular connectors, transferparticularly high voltages or you are looking for contacts with high mating cycles ordefined insertion and withdrawal forces – we at Argenta will find the perfect solution foryou. We gladly develop alternatives to current products, if necessary with othermaterials. From concept development to prototype construction to maturity phase – withus, you will get it all from one source. Furthermore various authorisations are possible,upon request.Contact us and we will discuss your requirements with you. We will find the idealsolution for you, too.


Are you sometimes looking for a connector to no avail and are simply not getting ahead?

Contact Technology

The central part of our wide range of products is contact technology.

Electrical - & Cable Assemblies

The product division electrical assemblies and cable assembly is the third part of our business

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