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Souriau UTGX – ruggedized connectors for harsh environments

The new Souriau UTGX series can be used in a wide range of configurations and electrical layouts. Souriau’s latest connecotor upgrade to the established UTG series allows you to save space on your equipment. The bayonet locking mechanism ensures a quick and secure connection and disconnection. Other updates to the lightweight design make the UTGX series connectors easier than ever for operators to handle quickly. Especially in high-mating cycle applications, UTGX will save time and money for your business.


Waterproof, shock-proof and UV resistant, the UTGX series can withstand continuous underwater immersion, routine pressure washing, dirt and dust and other harsh conditions.
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications with a lifespan of up to 27 years in-application, the UL/IEC certified UTGX series connectors are a safe and reliable solution.

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