Argenta Elektronik

Medical Engineering

Human health requires solutions at the highest technical level.

In order to guarantee this, medical technology must constantly evolve – and with it the demands placed on the technology used. Every innovation must guarantee maximum safety and reliability. Argenta has been offering proven connector technology and innovative bespoke solutions for leading medical technology manufacturers for many years. Our products stand for consistent failure protection and reliability in the transmission of signals, current, data rates and light waves. They offer perfect solutions for the diverse requirements of everyday medical life.

The highly functional and robust technology of our connectors is ideal for heavy-duty applications and is always user-friendly. Our sterilizable and easy to clean overmolded connectors also ensure compliance with the best possible hygienic standards. High-quality push-pull connectors and filter connectors with EMI/RFI shielding complete our product range in the field of medical connectors.

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