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In use for over 40 years under the most demanding conditions, Hyperboloid technology has proven itself to be the leading design for integrity and reliability. On avionics platforms, military and commercial aerospace equipment, engine control systems, missiles and torpedos, vehicular electronics, satellites and rocket launchers, medical devices, industrial and environmental controls, test equipment, PGA sockets and countless other rugged applications, Hyperboloid has lived up to its promise of the highest reliability connector available.

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The Hyperboloid contact is an advanced design that satisfies performance requirements previously considered impossible. Unique in concept, it is used in connectors having the highest standards of performance. The distinguishing feature of the Hyperboloid socket is the hyperboloid-shaped sleeve formed by straight wires strung at an angle to the longitudinal axis.

When the pin is inserted into this sleeve, the wires stretch, well within elastic limits, to accomodate it. In so doing, the wires wrap themselves around the pin providing a number of continuous line contact paths.

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