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High power connectors Argenta Elektronik

The reliability of the contact technology is an important criterion, especially for the transmission of high currents. For the innovative power connectors PCU300 and PCU600, Argenta Elektronik uses the proven UltraWatts© contact technology, which is characterized by its high contact reliability and low contact resistance.

Our high-performance connectors with IP2X contact protection (finger proof) offer a current carrying capacity of up to 1000A and a contact resistance <5mΩ. They have been specially developed for use in harsh environments, especially for power generation and distribution in industry and similar applications in railway and defence technology.

In addition, our high power connectors can be individually adapted to our customers’ applications and optimally designed for the specific requirements to create durable connectors.

Wherever high currents must be safely transmitted through a disconnectable electrical connection, power connectors from Argenta Elektronik are the first choice.

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