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Souriau Trim Trio Tooling Eaton

Crimptooling for Souriau TRIM TRIO® Contacts:

The Souriau TRIM TRIO® connection system not only offers versatility in connectors but production versatility in tooling as well. All information needed on tooling ranges from simple handtools for small productions, over semi-automatic to full automatic strip-and-crimp machines can be found here.

All the Souriau TRIM TRIO® tooling and this for machined, stamped and formed and coax contacs, is specially designed for this system to make reliable, trouble free connections.

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The flagship of Eaton’s industrial connectors!

TRIM TRIO® connectors were originally sold under the brand name “BURNDY”. These were derived from MIL standards, but size 16 (1.6mm) contacts were used.
Later, various sub-series and design-variants were developed from the product ranges.
In parallel with the size 16 contacts, there also has been an evolution on high density versions using size 20 contacts (1.0mm) and on mixed signal / power versions using size 16 contacts in combination with size 12 (2.4mm) and size 8 (3.6)mm contacts.

After the companies BURNDY, Eaton and other companies were bought from Framatome Connectors International (FCI), a few years later the present Eaton was again established as an independent company in the context of a management buy-out (MBO) and a reorganization of the product ranges. Since then, the TRIM TRIO® connector series has belonged to Eaton, whereas other former BURNDY products (including cable lugs) have remained in the FCI range and are now integrated into the Hubbell group of companies.

Partnumbers (extract)

51060210916, 51060210924, 51060210936, 51060210950, 51060213424, 51060213436, M317, S16RCM14, S16RCM1450, S16RCM16, S16RCM20, S16SCM20, S16SCML1, S16SCML11, S20RCM, S20SCM20, SHANDLES, UH25, VGE10077A, VGE10078A, RX16D11D1, RX2025GE1, RX2025GE1P4, RX2025GE2, RX20D44, MH860, MH860REP, MH860SET, MH86164G, MH86166G, MH86167G, MH86184, MH86186, MH86301

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