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IDI Spring Probe Connectors Smiths Interconnect

Spring Probe Connectors are compliant on the surface of their mating half, rather than extending into it as with conventional pin and socket connectors. This bestows spring probes with unique blind-mate capabilities. A spring probe connector may be designed to engage at a 90° angle to its target, wiping into position to clear contaminants. Conversely, the connector may be disengaged in the same way, at any angle, making probe technology the best approach to quick-disconnect applications.

For grounding there are also first mate, last un-mate contacts availabe which give customized connectors multiple options.

Partnumbers (extract)

D-CG-2.5-4-TH D-CP-2.5-4-TH D-CG-2.5-4-SM D-CP-2.5-4-SM D-CG-2.5-4-SC D-CP-2.5-4-SC D-CG-2.5-6-TH D-CP-2.5-6-TH D-CG-2.5-6-SM D-CP-2.5-6-SM D-CG-2.5-6-SC D-CP-2.5-6-SC 215386-000 215386-001 215386-100 215386-101 215386-200 215386-201 215386-300 215386-301 215386-400 215386-401 215386-500 215386-501 D-CG-2.5-6-TH-BB D-CP-2.5-6-TH-BB D-CG-2.5-6-SM-BB D-CP-2.5-6-SM-BB D-CG-2.5-6-SC-BB D-CP-2.5-6-SC-BB 215386-310 215386-311 215386-410 215386-411 215386-510 215386-511

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